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    landscape design



    – this is the orderliness of the thoughts, desires of the customer and the professional vision of the designer for the functional use of the territory.

    Why is it worth ordering a project from us:

    • Our designer is able to hear the wishes of the customer,
    • Offers alternative solutions to these wishes on an individual basis
    • Works with the experience and professionalism of the entire team.

    Design cost from 2000 UAH per one hundred square meters


    The second sketch offer as a gift

    After the first meeting, you get a 3D visualization of your site. Thanks to these photos, you will be able to understand what you like and what should be the design of your site.

    Project book as a gift

    When implementing a project by our specialists, you get all the project documentation as a gift. If you have already paid for the project, we will deduct this amount from the materials.

    Landscape design

    Our team of professional landscape designers develops and implements activities aimed at transforming and decorating land plots of any complexity! The created landscape combines functionality and beauty.We develop projects of any complexity-from the adjacent territory of a townhouse to the festive city square of a city with a population of one million.


    Our competent specialists are ready to quickly prepare the project visualization in a format that is convenient for you. Various means are used for this purpose. In addition to 3D graphics, these are photos and photo collages, sketches, drawings, layouts and other graphics, both using computer programs and in manual submission.

    Standard project composition:

    1. Master plan;
    2. Center drawing;
    3. Coverage plan, coverage list;
    4. Water disposal scheme;
    5. Lighting scheme;
    6. Irrigation scheme;
    7. Arboretum, assortment list;
    8. Realistic 3D visualization from different viewpoints.

    Departure for preliminary calculation

    1000 UAH
    • Preliminary sketch
    • Professional opinion about your ideas
    • Complete improvement action plan
    • Clear vision of what to do next

    Landscape design consists of several stages:

    • 1 Collect information on the geographic location of the project.
    • 2 Measure the site, and conduct a topographic survey.
    • 3 Make a scheme for laying engineering networks.
    • 4 Examine large plants on the site, divide them into 2 groups – choose those that are suitable for your design.
    • 5 Choose a stylistic concept.
    • 6 Create a drawing with the location of the main buildings.
    • 7 Zoning the territory of landscape design.
    • 8 Choose plants and carry out landscaping.
    • 9 Design lighting systems.
    • 10 Approve the project documentation.

    We make a decent site for any budget

    Rate 1:

    10 UAH/m2
    1. Sketch proposal of both the entire site and individual elements of the territory ;
    2. The concept of a site for the placement of design elements, lighting, landscaping.

    Rate 2:

    20 UAH/m2
    1. Sketch proposal of both the entire site and individual elements of the territory ;
    2. The concept of a site for the placement of design elements, lighting, landscaping.
    3. Site master plan
    4. Dendroplane
    5. Visualizations
    6. Automatic irrigation scheme
    7. Paving plan

    Rate 3:

    30 UAH/m2
    1. Sketch proposal of both the entire site and individual elements of the territory ;
    2. The concept of a site for the placement of design elements, lighting, landscaping.
    3. Site master plan
    4. Dendroplane
    5. Visualizations
    6. Automatic irrigation scheme
    7. Paving plan
    8. Assortment list
    9. Lighting plan
    10. Development of mixborders and individual garden elements
    11. Selection of accessories
    12. Estimate
    13. Instruction-recommendation for care
    When ordering, a 10% discount on architectural supervision of the project.

    Author's supervision

    An experienced team of specialists monitors the quality of the project


    Landscaping, after which the space around changes its appearance.

    3D visualization

    Flat drawings of the project will appear in the form of a three-dimensional model, allowing you to clearly see your future garden


    Detailed drawing of the garden, where the placement of green spaces and flower beds is indicated

    Reservoirs and ponds

    The overall concept takes into account the surrounding area, with the selection of materials and technical sections.


    It includes a plan-diagram of the arrangement of lamps along the lines and cable tracing

    Free consultation

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      Our team

      Creative approach

      We combine elements of various styles, combine them with modern technologies in the industry.


      A team that can create beautiful and exclusive landscape designs of any complexity.

      Why we

      The company “LANDSCAPE DESIGN” is proud of the main advantage-the team. Designers, planners, architects and workers work with a single goal – to create a landscape or garden that will bring joy to the owners.

      Landscape design works are carried out in strict accordance with the plan and budget.

      When ordering landscape design, you get a full range of professional landscaping services. Thanks to an extensive fleet of special equipment and talented employees, the studio fulfills the order from design to planting trees on a turnkey basis.

      Creating a design requires special technologies and high-quality materials. Our studio interacts with reliable suppliers of plants and equipment. The guarantee of the quality of our work is the use of only the best products for the implementation of original landscapes.

      From all the design options, choose the style that will allow you to achieve the expected result.

      Lilia Mogir

      Landscape designer-architect

      I have been combining construction with a project for land works into a single picture for 4 years.


      Works of urban improvement of territories such as parks, squares, entrance area of residential complexes, office buildings.

      Creating a project solution and its turnkey implementation, namely :

      • automatic irrigation systems
      • vertical layout
      • arrangement of reservoirs, mixborders, orchards
      • arrangement of lawns, ornamental gardens, green roofs, barbecue areas, children’s recreation area
      • topiary cutting of plants
      • maintenance after project implementation, maintenance of the garden on an ongoing basis

      Our works


      Plot of 12 acres, height difference up to 0.3 m. The garden was created for a family of 3 children and 2 adults. Who live in the country, work and study in a bustling metropolis.

      Task: Divide the plot into zones that are comfortable for all residents of this house, a vegetable garden, an orchard, a barbecue area, a pond, an aviary and a spacious lawn.

      Solution: Combine regularity in the garden and orchard with free classics in the recreation areas.


      The plot is 20 acres, the height difference on the plot is 12m. The garden was created for a family, 2 adults and 2 children, who leads an active lifestyle. Task: a sense of harmony in the garden. The solution was to make a garden in the Japanese style, according to the Japanese mythology of Zen gardens.


      Plot of 8 acres, with height differences up to 0.5 m. The garden was created for a family that consists of 2 adults, constantly working in the hustle and bustle of the city.

      Task: privacy and relaxation in the garden.

      Solution: combine the classics and romanticism, which wraps in the cozy fragrance of lavender and roses, intertwined with the mazes from the movie “Alice in Wonderland»


      We left a request for the development of landscape design and were quickly contacted! Thank you to your team for the beautiful garden!
      Наталья Иващенко
      The designers have transformed our lifeless and outdated site into a modern oasis! And most importantly, everything is within the budget!
      Елизавета Максимова
      Mutual understanding from the first minutes. The project turned out to be interesting, all the wishes were taken into account.
      Егор Крючев

      Stages of work

      Preparatory stage

      The work begins with the departure of our specialists to your site and the analysis of the territory.

      Preliminary design

      The designer draws your plot, applies all the buildings. Offers options for the plan with a selection of images of each zone

      3D visualization

      Development of a three-dimensional model that allows you to form a more complete impression of the upcoming project.

      Working drawings

      Documentation that is required for the construction team.

      Ready-made design project

      We hand over the finished project to you within two weeks. After that, the dreams of a beautiful garden become a reality.


      After receiving the landscape design project, you can sign a contract with our company for implementation.


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